Checking into Hong Kong

I am so sorry it’s been a while since my last update! I’ve packed a bag and I’ve gone travelling! Not many recipes to update but plenty of photos in the next coming days to entertain you.

First stop: Hong Kong

I haven’t been back in about 6 years and lets just say it’s a long overdue visit. As soon as I landed I hit a supermarket to stock up on my favourite snacks and pick up dinner! Check it out!!


My first meal when I landed. Clockwise from bottom right corner: Mixed meat cuts of broiled chicken in ginger and spring onion, roast duck and honey roast pork. Braised tofu with pak choi and carrots in oyster sauce. Plum sauce. Ginger and spring onion oil dip. Sweet and sour pork with peaches!

After dinner I hit the supermarkets to pick up a few snacks…


Best candy aisle ever!

Brighton – Small Batch

Small Batch

It’s gastro style coffee at it’s best, nestled away in Jubilee square next to myHotel. If you get there early enough then you must sample the fresh chocolate twists and almond croissants. Not to mention a selection of cakes, cookies and sandwiches. Perfect place to people watch, catch up on news or get a quick bite to eat. Did I mention the really good looking baristas?


Brighton – Cafe Coho


A cafe to kick back and relax in. People watch, read, draw inspiration from the view and everyone around you.

I like the one situated on Ship Street, there are a few others dotted about Brighton. Serving beautifully presented hot and cold food, cakes and pastries, teas and coffees. If you are looking for fantastic food, warm and friendly customer service then this is the place to come.

On one of my spontaneous trips to Brighton, visiting a couple of friends, they had to jump up and down on top of the bed to get me up so we could go out for breakfast. During the weekends, this little cafe is a hive of activity and if you’re slow to get there, there won’t be any space! Well worth the wait if your tummy isn’t arguing with you!